Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Sameday Couriers UK Limited is committed to conduct its business with respect and care for the environment. In terms of the environmental impacts of delivering our services, our activities will be undertaken with due consideration for the environment as part of our practices and efforts to save energy, reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, prevent pollution and minimise waste.
We ensure that this Environmental Policy is communicated, understood and consistently applied within the organisation and provides a framework for setting measurable environmental management objectives.

In order to achieve the above, we will:

• Comply with all applicable environmental requirements and obligations and recognise and adhere to any other associated relevant requirements which relate to our environmental impacts that may be placed upon us.
• Commit to protecting the environment to include the prevention of pollution.
• Monitor our use of energy and natural resources with a view to reducing our environmental impact.
• Support process modifications that reduce waste, re-use and encourage recycling.
• Work to actively promote positive environmental awareness, behaviours and actions.
• Assess, in advance where possible, environmental impacts resulting from our business activities and the environmental effects of any significant development and adjust our plans accordingly.
• Demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement of our environmental management system by using this policy as a framework for setting a programme of environmental targets and objectives for our activities to enhance our environmental performance. In turn, we will also commit to review the effectiveness of our targets and objectives on a regular and ongoing
• Maintain this Policy Statement under formal document control and make it available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate. In turn, this policy will also be periodically reviewed to ensure its ongoing suitability and, where necessary, be subject to amendment.