Complaints Procedure


We welcome all comments from our customers as we are committed to providing industry leading service to our customers. We may be in contact with customers from time to time in relation to assessing the quality of the service.

Contact Details

If the service provided has not met our customers’ expectations they can contact us at the following:
1) Drop us an email to
2) Call us at 0161 000 0000, Monday to Friday between 8:30am and 6pm.
3) Or write to us at:
AFA Same Day Couriers Ltd,
4 Derwent Street,
M8 8FT

Logging and Investigating

All formal complaints received are logged on the day of receipt. Each complaint is recorded in our Customer Service Log against the following main categories:
 Reference number
 Date of complaint
 Customer Name and contact details
 Type of issue
 Description of the issue
 Courier(s), Line Manager and Customer Service Executive
 Next action

Our Customer Service Team would be delighted to assist any complainant that requires assistance submitting a complaint.
Complaints will be analysed to identify recurring and single incident problems and trends, which will help us to eliminate the underlying causes of complaints. Particular attention will be paid to clusters of complaints relating to loss, theft, damage or quality of service
emanating from a particular location. We will accept complaints made within one calendar month of the date of receipt of a mail
item and within three calendar months of the date of posting of a mail item. For international mail, we will accept a complaint made within 6 calendar months of the date of receipt or posting of a mail item.

Timeframe for Response

Once a complaint has been received, a customer Service Executive will be the owner responsible for managing the investigation and liaising with the customer. All complaints will be acknowledged within 2 working days of receipt. Where possible, we will respond to the
customer on the same day that the query is raised. Where there is a requirement for a more lengthy investigation, we will advise the customer of the timeline for responding. Our aim is to deal with all complaints within a 24 hour period. Where required, the Customer Service Executive may contact the customer during the course of the investigation to ask further questions. The maximum timeframe within which complaints (domestic and international) will be handled is 21 calendar days. Should the investigation of the complaint extend beyond 21 days, the customer will be advised of progress on at least one occasion, every 21 days and we will provide reasons for the delay.
In cases where we do not respond within the above timeframes, we will provide the customer with compensation up to a maximum mount of €10.00.

Information Required from the Complainant

In order to process complaints efficiently we require the following information from our customers:
1) Name and address of the Receiver.
2) Sender’s name and address.
3) Reference and/or tracking number.
4) Contact details e.g. mobile number, telephone number, email, etc.
5) Our service used.
6) Date and time item was sent and/or collected.
7) Point of insertion or collection.
8) Detailed description of the contents and packaging (for loss and damage).
9) Monetary value of the item.
10) Reasonable proof of posting.

Remedies & Redress

To initiate a claim, customers should submit details as per the information required from the complainant listed above.
We do not provide a postal service to the general public. All users of the service are known and the customer will have signed an Agreement that clearly outlines our responsibilities in relation to liability. Where putting the matter right and an apology are insufficient to resolve the complaint, compensation to the customer of an appropriate level of redress will apply in respect of any loss, theft or damage to a postal packet or any failure by us to provide a postal service of sufficient quality and compensation will include:
 A refund of the cost of postage
 Recompense for the cost of any wrapping or protective material used in the postal
packet up to a maximum value of €5;
 Recompense for any other relevant and reasonable costs incurred up to a maximum
value of €13.

In the case of Force Majeure, we shall not be under any liability or pay compensation to the customer or any other person for any loss or damage whatsoever caused by delay in the collection or delivery of any item, or by mis-delivery. Customers will not be compensated for any consequential losses or other economic losses. Compensation will not be provided for insured postal services, where remedies are in
accordance with our terms and conditions. All redress payments will be paid to the customer promptly.

Procedures for Resolving Disputes

Once the complaint has been investigated, the Customer Service Executive will advise the customer of the outcome of the investigation and if required, the proposed follow up action to rectify the issue. For instances, where the matter cannot be resolved by the customer Service Executive, the complaint will be escalated to the General Manager. For any unresolved complaints, the customer has the option of sending their complaint to a Service User Advocate (internal) who will independently assess the complaint. The complaint must be escalated to the Service User Advocate within 30 calendar days of us providing a final response. The Service User Advocate is the Director and all correspondence should be addressed to the Service User Advocate and may be contacted as per the details in the ‘Contact Details’ section above. The customer should provide as much detail about the complaint as possible along with all
support documentation relevant to the original complaint. The customer should clearly state their reasons for their dissatisfaction with our response to their complaint and their preferred outcome or compensation. The Service User Advocate will issue a final response to the customer within 30 days after the first contact (assuming all relevant details have been provided).

Should the Service User Advocate find in favour of the customer, the advocate may request to:
a) issue an apology and reasons for service failure; or
b) take some practical action that will benefit the customer; or
c) provide compensation.

In cases where the issue cannot be resolved by the General Manager or the Service User Advocate and the Agreement with the customer does not include any further escalation procedures, the matter shall be adjudicated by the Courts as per the Agreement between the customer and us. Use of More than One Postal Service Provider Should we subcontract one or more elements of the postal service to another party, or use another postal service provider for the provision of any part of a postal service on behalf of a customer, we will be responsible for complaints as per the procedures outlined in this document.

Retention of Records of Complaint

All records of complaint will be retained for a period of one year and will include all written documentation relating to the complaint.